Boxing Day – an excuse to keep drinking

So, Christmas is over. The glut of presents and Christmas dinner is now nothing more than a sad pile of wadded up wrapping paper and cleaned off turkey bones. In most parts of the world, that’s it. The day is over; the deed is done.

But, in some countries, the UK and Australia most notably, celebrants have one more day to partake in holiday cheer. Although the origins are unclear, everyone who takes part in Boxing Day seem pretty sure about their desire to keep the party going. The day is almost purely secular and always has been so, so there’s no tiresome reminders to keep Christ in Boxing Day. Also, the day seems to be, above all else, about relaxing. If your idea of relaxation is to kick back on the couch to watch a game, there are plenty to choose from. Or if taking it easy for you means to take part in some more eccentric pass times like jumping in a cold, December ocean, participating in a faux fox hunt or racing rubber duckies down a brook, there are opportunities for that, too.

And, no doubt, there are plenty of opportunities to drink. Personally, I’m a days-that-end-in-y kind of drinker so I really don’t need an excuse to knock one or four back. I realize, however, that there are weekend and holiday only drinkers out there – I don’t understand them but I acknowledge their existence – and they might benefit from using Boxing Day as an excuse to drink.

I don’t know about the rest of the world but here in the US there’s kind of a collective dip into the blues on the day after Christmas. The build-up is so long and the day usually so frenzied, especially if kids are involved in their yuletide celebrations, that many come out on the other end with a feeling that they never really got to enjoy themselves. That’s the beauty of Boxing Day.

So, there you go. If you need an excuse to polish off the leftover eggnog, boozy punch and wine from yesterday without having to suffer withering glances from your spouse, I present to you Boxing Day, your excuse to keep the party going. Cheers!

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