Boozin Gear: Rick’s Favorite Products.

Boozin’ Gear carries a lot of terrific products. They’ve got great shirts, sandals, towels, bar accessories and more, but there are a few that stand out as the best, the funniest and the most innovative. Okay, maybe not innovative but they are pretty hilarious. Here are MY top 10.

Bobble Babe Koozies : Bouncing Boobs Red Can Cooler Set

The boobs actually bounce. How cool is that? I guarantee if you get these, you’ll be flicking these tiny boobs all night. Just don’t be an idiot and shake the can.


Mickey’s Malt Liquor Hoody : Charcoal w/ Beer Pouch

This sweatshirt was inspired by alcoholic kangaroos. Currently I’m working on a beer bong inspired by the four stomachs of a cow. No luck thus far…

Bud Light Beach Mat & Cooler

Remember when I said innovative? BOOM! Not only is it a beach mat which is like ten times better than a beach towel, it also holds all of your beer. Thank God for science.

Keystone Koozie : Black Fist TufGlove

I feel like I’m the Hulk when I have these on. But I always squash my beer because I forget to take the beer out before I go all Mike Tyson.


Lederhosen Shirt : Costume T-Shirt

Every day is Oktoberfest in this shirt. Tuesday? It’s Oktoberfest. Wednesday? Still Oktoberfest! Thursday!?!? It’s laundry day, dude. Find another shirt to wear for one day, please.

Miller Lite Shirt : Pitcher Worth 1000 Words T-Shirt





Christmas Santa Hat : Holly Jolly Shots Glasses

This hat makes absolutely no sense and I love it. Although I’m not sure if I’m just in love with the guy in the picture. (sneaky vampire tooth anyone?

Brown Paper Bag Koozie : 40oz Bottle Suit

I love forties in paper bags but the condensation tears them apart in minutes. NOT ANYMORE!

Coors Light Cowboy Hat : Beer Box Stetson Style

With this guy, I usually tell people I made it myself. Ladies like a man who’s good with arts and crafts.

Beer Bongs : Bottle & Can Bong Combo

Because the only problem I have with beer is that it takes way to long to drink.

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