Twas a Discount

A poem for those who purchased gifts last year.


‘Twas last year around Christmas, when you stopped out store.

We’ve got new gifts this year, so stop by and by more

“But my money,” you say, “On one hand I can count.

I can’t afford a gift, not without a discount!”


And then in a twinkling, what should appear?

But Boozin Bob, drunk, and drinking a beer

Through bushes and shrubs he stumbles about.

He trips and he falls then he lets out a shout.


“On Captain, on Crown, on Corona and Guinness,

On Miller, on Molson, on Makers and Killians!”

His crossed eyes – how they twinkled! His slurring – how merry!

He shouted once more as far as his voice could carry,


“To customers of old! To friends of yesteryear!

Happy Holidays, here’s a discount from your friends at Boozin Gear!”

Check your emails, old friends, for a discount on gifts this year!

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