TV Drinking Games – The Top 20 of All Time

TV drinking games are by far the most underrated drinking games of all time. Shows you like are better and shows you don’t like are all of the sudden interesting and hilarious.

Of course TV drinking games usually involve about four hundred different rules with one sip, two sip, and finish your beer categories. We’ve gone and solved that by boiling things down to a few simple rules per show, but don’t worry, you’ll still be slurring your favorite TV catch phrases.

So turn on your TV. Drinking games begin now.

Scrubs – Drink every time JD has a fantasy, Dr. Cox has a rant or Elliott has a nervous breakdown.

The Office - Drink anytime you see Michael’s “World’s Greatest Boss” mug, Jim looks at the camera, or something “office-inappropriate” happens.

Family Guy – Drink anytime there’s a flashback, a song, or a reference to a TV show that aired before you were born.

Mad Men – Anytime anyone drinks, you drink. Alternatively (or additionally), anytime someone lights up, you light up. *You will need a carton.

TV Drinking Games

They're looking at you like that because you're not drinking

The News – Drink anytime someone is the victim of a violent crime, the anchorman makes fun of the weatherman, or someone infinitely unqualified to testify to anything is asked their thoughts on something that could alter history.

Law and Order – Drink anytime you hear the gavel. Trust us. That’s enough.

Dancing with the Stars – Drink anytime you feel embarrassed for the contestants.

Glee - Drink anytime you feel embarrassed for yourself because you’re watching Glee.

TV Drinking Games

Glee kids learnin how to party

How I Met Your Mother – Drink every time Barney says “Classic”, Marshall says “Lawyered!” or anytime Robin says “literally”.

The Muppets – Drink anytime Miss Piggy knocks someone out cold, Kermit says “Sheesh” or the old guys chime in with a terrible joke.

Pokémon – Drink every time you hear the “Team Rocket” motto, Ash turns his hat around, or Pikachu says his friggin’ name and shocks the shit out of something.

Scooby Doo – Drink anytime Shaggy says “Zoinks or “Jeepers”, Fred says “Good work, Gang”, or anyone says the word “Clue”. Also feel free to waterfall during a chase scene.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Drink anytime you see the waitress, the duster, or Mac’s tattoos. Drink again if someone has an idea for getting rich, someone references Charlie’s illiteracy, or Dennis mentions his terrific bone structure.

TV Drinking Games

The episode where the gang introduces "wine-in-a-can"

House – Drink anytime House calls someone an idiot, House leaves a room suddenly and without explanation or someone on the show mentions lupus.

Arrested Development – Drink anytime you hear, “No touching”, “I’ve made a huge mistake”, “Come on”, “Steve Holt”, or “The Final Countdown”. ADDITIONALLY, anytime someone on the show does a chicken dance you do a chicken dance. Worst chicken dance has to chug a bottle of schnapps (probably my favorite TV drinking game rule).

Friends –Drink anytime Joey says “How you doin?”, anyone says “Oh! My! God!” (twice if it’s Chandler) and every time Ross’s marital status or career are mentioned.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Drink every time you see the Carlton dance, Jeffrey is sarcastic, Will high-fives Jazz or Hilary says she’s going shopping.

The Walking Dead - A zombie gets killed without a gun, Daryl says something un- PC, or someone turns into a zombie.

Breaking Bad – Drink anytime you learn a new chemistry fact, Walt and Jesse have an argument, or you see Walt in his tighty-whities.

Shark Week – Anyone says “nature’s perfect killing machine”, there is a reenactment, or someone is referred to as a shark expert because they have an Australian accent.

TV Drinking Games

Think how drunk you could get if you could pour beer into your gills…

That concludes our favorite TV drinking games of all time. Now go get drunk to some television.

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