International Stout Day

Happy International Stout Day! What, you probably thought that March 17 was International Stout Day. Whether it once was or it wasn’t, as of this year November 3 is now the official day to celebrate our favorite black beer.

We have beer blogger Erin Peters to thank for it. Erin, a.k.a. The Beer Goddess, planted the stout flag on November 3 with her website There you can read about the history of stout and check out events in your area dedicated to celebrating stout.

So, how does one celebrate stout? For my part, I plan to drink stout. I happen to have a batch of homebrew stout cooking right now but it’s still a few days away from being ready to bottle so that’s going to have to wait. (I’m hoping to serve it on Thanksgiving.) I’ll probably pop over to my favorite local beer store and pick up a sixer of the good black stuff.

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