World’s Strongest Beers You Can Buy

In the world of beer there is high gravity beer and there’s black hole beer, beer so potent a single pour can change the course of the planets rotating around the sun. These world’s strongest beers are not available to you and me, the average beer drinker. One must know the right people, be in the right place and be out of their right mind to obtain and imbibe such fiery liquids.

McGuirk drinking black hole brewA list has been complied of some of these beers. An attempt was made to find beers somewhat suitable for drinking although that’s like attempting to find an optimal hiding place in a nuclear blast zone. Either way it’s up to you to enter the blast zone or just read about it. Our advice is to duck and cover.


Tactical Nuclear Penguin 32%

The name may be silly but this beer ain’t.

worlds stongest beer - tactical nuclear penguin

The End of History 55%

It’s the second strongest beer on this list and possibly the best if ABV and taste were scored with equal weight. Not to mention it comes inside a stuffed animal.

worlds stongest beer - the end of history

Triple Voodoo Thermonuclear 32%

This beer tastes like coffee, chocolate, cherries and black magic.

worlds stongest beer - triple voodoo thermonuclear

Samuel Adams Utopia 27%

By far the tastiest of the strong beers on this list and comes in the most impressive bottle.

worlds stongest beer - Samuel Adams Utopia

Schorschbräu Schorschbock 57%

German for “Undrinkable Poison.” Enjoy your slow death.

worlds stongest beer - Schorschbräu Schorschbock 57%

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