Funny Beer Names

I was talking to Pepe earlier and we were discussing brewing processes. He was telling me about the effects water has on brewing when he brought up the sulfuric aromas that come from mineral-rich, high alkali waters of Burton-on-Trent. Beers brewed there or with that kind of water are often said to have the “Burton snatch.” I had to ask him to repeat it. “The aroma. Can’t you smell it? That’s the smell of a Burton snatch,” he said. Since then I’ve been thinking of other funny beer names that I’ve heard from Pepe since I got involved in the craft beer movement. Here is a list of beer that includes a few of the most unforgettable ones.

Magnolia Old Thunderpussy

 - Magnolia Thunderpussy!

A barley wine named after the late Burlesque performer. It’s brewed once a year at Magnolia Pub and Brewery owner, David McLean. If you don’t believe this is real, check out there site here.

Knocker Up

Funny Beer Names - Knocker Up

Apparently this is named after an old British occupation where some old guy would come banging on your window with a stick in the morning until you woke up. Although when I  hear “knocker up” I assume someone is giving me terrible advice.


Funny Beer Names - Moonraker

I don’t care what the brewery says. This is a beer named after a fictional laser gun that James Bond uses.

Panty Peeler

Funny Beer Names - Panty Peeler

Great name. That said it’s just a name. I drank twenty of them and nothing happened. Well… a few things happened, but getting laid wasn’t one of them.

Tommyknocker Butthead

Funny Beer Names - Tommyknocker Butthead

It’s also a doppelbock, which makes it a Tommyknocker Butthead doppelbock which may be the most syllables used to describe a beer that isn’t recognized at all by my spellcheck. Ironically, neither is the word “spellcheck.”

Hoptimus Prime

Personally, I love how classy this photo is. Really? A white backdrop and a brandy glass? It’s beer named after a cartoon character.

Polygamy Porter

Funny Beer Names - Polygamy Porter

As the tagline goes, “Why have just one?” If you can’t tell that gorilla is holding a Polygamy Porter.

Old Leghumper

Funny Beer Names - Old Leghumper

My favorite part: the look on the dog’s face. I also like the fact that nobody censored the package. Speaking of which…

Dog’s Bollocks

Funny Beer Names - Dog's Bollocks

Big, round and fruity. Yep. I think that says it all.

Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Funny Beer Names - Tactical Nuclear Penguin

We’ve already featured this one in a previous list of beer, but I had to bring it up again.

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