AM drinking

In one of The Doors’s songs, it sounds like Jim Morrison sings, “Woke up this morning and I got myself a beer.” I’ve heard that’s wrong; what he really says is “got myself a beard” but I’ve been mishearing it for so long that the first way is what I hear. And, from time to time, it’s what I do.

Now, this is something that I’m supposed to say with a bit of shame. Drinking in the morning is wrong. In fact, having a beer or three with lunch is poo-pooed in some circles. But, I submit that there are some pretty good reasons for drinking in the morning. Here’s my list:

Holidays are stressful. We have to put up with family: all those noisy-ass kids, that uncle with his insane politics, the cousin who just joined the Mormon church and “just wants to tell you about a friend of hers…” Plus, if you’re playing host for the holiday, that perfect, traditional meal is up to you. And, all the while you’re preparing it you’re hoping that those noisy-ass kids break fewer lamps this year than they did last. Is there really a better time to start drinking in the morning?

Vacations are a good time for morning drinking for a completely different reason. You have no responsibilities. You’re off work, you shouldn’t have any chores because, dammit, you’re on vacation! You want to have a Scotch and soda with Scotch eggs for breakfast? I say live large, baby! You only get a few vacation days a year so enjoy them.

Nigh shift workers
There’s a bar here in the town where I live that’s open 24 hours a day. There aren’t many of them. If you walk into this one at a little before eight in the morning, you will two distinct types of people. They are easily distinguishable because one group is kind enough to wear uniforms, of a kind. The first group are the people that you’d expect to see in a dive bar like this one. Sad old men trapped in an endless later middle age and chain smoking women who all, somehow, seem to be 57. The other group of people are all wearing scrubs. They just got off the graveyard shift and are having a few drinks before pouring themselves into bed. After hearing some of their horror stories of the type of patients that show up in the hospital at 3am, you know that they have every right to drink as much as they like at 8am.

Game day
This really isn’t a good reason to drink but it gets a pass anyway. It doesn’t matter if you’re tailgating or just camping out on the couch for the Sunday game, a beer or four before noon is just fine. I mean, what else are you going to serve with foods like hot wings, pizza, cold cuts, brats, or whatever else it is that you whip up for game day. I say enjoy.

Got some more good reasons for AM drinking? Let us know what they are.

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