Kiss this beer hello

What overly make-uped, spectacle-reliant, near cartoonishly caricature of a band from the ’70′s now has it’s own beer and wine?

If you guessed Spinal Tap, I’ll refer you to two facts: I said it was a “NEAR cartoonishly caricature” and I said ’70′s. Perhaps you have your imagination turned up to eleven, mate!

If you guessed KISS, I say, right on, brother. After all, there really isn’t any other band that quite fits that description and is still around today for us to talk about, is there?

So, to the booze… The wine is a California-grown Zinfandel called KISS Zin Fire. It’s described as “bold and fruity… a brazen blend of blackberry and pepper.” The beer is a traditional Pils-style called KISS Destroyer. It is described as having a “great head of foam, nice flavor, and a balanced bitterness.” Collectively, they are called “The Hottest Drinks in the World.” Okay.

Perhaps most puzzling to me about these new beverages is where they are being rolled out. Initially, the hottest wine and beer in the world will be introduced to Sweden, Norway and Finland. Later, they will invade Denmark, Holland and the UK. Not that I have any problem with any of these countries but, really, KISS? This is how you roll out the hottest drinks in the world?

Anyway, the band members are pumped about it. “If you love beer and wine, this one is for you,” said Gene Simmons. And, with an endorsement like that…

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