Romancing the Booze – Cocktails

There’s nothing like a well mixed cocktail to create a memorable evening. If you’re planning an elegant meal or just a quiet evening at home with your lover this Valentine’s Day, cocktails are your key for making an impression.

The great thing about mixed drinks is that you can create any flavor or experience that you want. From fruity drinks to dark, decadent libations, cocktails have it all. And talk about elegance! A well made cocktail makes for an impressive presentation.

One thing, especially for the newbie, if you decide that you’re going to take the evening in this direction makes sure that you know beforehand what drinks you plan to make. Read the recipes carefully and be certain that you understand them; maybe even take a couple of dry (well, wet) runs before. You don’t want your drinks to fall flat.

Okay, so what cocktails to make? Whenever I think cocktails, I turn to my buddy and mixology guru Colleen Graham. For Valentine’s Day she recommends a bunch of tempting drinks. Some of my favorites are the fruity and fragrant Blushing Geisha, the Champagne simplicity of Axis Kiss, or the always sure to please Death by Chocolate. Check out the rest of Colleen’s Valentine’s Day recommendations.

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