Put That Schlitz Where It Belongs!

Schlitz Tee ShirtThe trend of nostalgic beer brands continues with the return of Schlitz beer to its native Milwaukee this week. The beer, now being brewed by Pabst Brewing Co., is based on the original recipe.

(It appears that “original” means the recipe that was being used in 1960. I’m not really sure why that’s a significant forumulation to choose but there you go.)

The new/old beer has been dribbling across the US for a few months now. It hit beer store shelves in Florida and Minnesota late last year. Then it was released this year in Chicago during the month of April to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the legalization of 3.2 beer under Prohibition.

But now it’s being released exactly where it belongs – Milwaukee. After all, it is “the beer that made Milwaukee famous!”

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  1. Bob Skilnik June 27, 2008 at 11:37 am - Reply

    The significance of the “old” formula has to do with the company’s tinkering with it, making a mess of the “new” formula, and then trying to avoid the self-inflicted wound that the board of directors created.

    This move led to the downfall of Schlitz and started an entire chain of events that still lingers over the industry today.

    Ever wonder why Pabst owns so many labels from once proud regional breweries and manages to brew these brands without owning a brewery? It, and much more, is connected to the reformulation of the old Schlitz recipe.

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