Glenfiddich Vintage Reserve – Choosing the Best of the Best

cask-glassScotch maker Glenfiddich recently announced that they’ve selected the lucky barrel for this years vintage reserve release. The barrel, cask #4414 for those keeping score are home, was put away on March 7th, all the way back in 1977. For the past three decades it’s been developing the hints of malt cereal, smokiness and leather that made it this year’s favorite of the selection panel.

The panel consisted of six Scotch whiskey experts included a writer, a restaurateur and a professor. Over three hours they studied and debated half a dozen of the final casks chosen. While they all had their merits 4414 had that something extra special that put it over the top.

PanelThe panel’s tasting notes reveal some of what they wanted to see in the final selection.

Whisky writer Gavin D Smith said “There is a delicate smokiness to the finish that comes upon you rather unexpectedly when you’ve experienced the light citrus nose to begin with.”

Jim Bradley, owner of two award winning New York restaurants – the Red Cat and the Harrison, said “The intriguing hint of lemon giving way to leather was very cool and helped seal my vote.”

Erik Touzmohamedov,Russia’s foremost Scotch whisky expert was impressed with the nose. “This was by far my favourite, he said. “It has none of the burn associated with whiskies of such strength and produced a fantastic nose that didn’t dominate the whisky.”

Here are some videos covering the process.

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