Police Bust a Kegger

Not really earth-shattering news, I know, but this one is worth note.

Here’s what happened. Cops responded to a complaint that cars were blocking the street in a Wisconsin neighborhood. When they arrived they found all the hallmarks of a typical high-school kegger: cars lined up along the street, a keg in the house and even drinking games.

So, using their loudspeaker they announced that the cars blocking the street would soon be towed. Predictably this caused a lot of the partiers to come out of the house where the cops submitted them to breathalyzer tests. Everyone passed. Even after searching the house cops couldn’t find even one whiff of demon liquor.

The party, the keg, even the drinking games were real. Even the beer was real except that it was root beer.

According to organizer Dustin Zero the party was cooked up to make fun of the local D.C. Everett school which had banned some players from the football team. They’d been kicked off the team after pictures circulated showing them holding red plastic cups. The party demonstrated that drinking from red cups doesn’t necessary, or even remotely, prove underage drinking.

So watch it, you never know when the cops are going to come down on you for following the law!

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  1. T3 April 3, 2008 at 10:41 pm - Reply

    It’s funny that you guys should throw this on your site- because I myself am from WI as you already know, and coincidentally I also got an underage drinking ticket for pictures showing me at a highschool party with a beer in my hand. As I was not physically consuming alcohol in the picture, there was no proof that I had indeed drank underage. The ticket got dropped two days later and fortunately my parents knew I was a drunk long before said pictures ever surfaced. I did remain on house arrest for the remainder of my senior year…. apparently they were pissed about my 1.5 day suspension.

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