Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day – Should It be Official?

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As you dust off your green plastic bowler hat, shamrock suspenders and leprechaun lapel pin with the flashing eyes take a moment to ask yourself if St. Patrick’s Day should be an official holiday. Guinness says that it should be, at least in the US.

The petition for Proposition 3-17 points out that more people of Irish descent live in the US than the entire island of Ireland. It says that more and more people celebrate the day every year and makes the argument that creating a national holiday would cut down on the number of revelers that call in “sick” so that they might celebrate the day. (Of course the next step in that logic is that the following day should also be a national holiday to cut down on the number of revelers that call in legitimately sick.)

OK, I know that this is a marketing gimmick but name a holiday that isn’t somehow tied to commerce. Don’t even get me started on Easter and those fat-cats at Cadbury! Besides, St. Patrick seems as legitimate of a reason to celebrate as many other holidays that we fall all over ourselves to commemorate. I signed the petition; you should, too.

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