Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day – Lifting a Pint with George Killian

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Whether you call yourself a beer lover, booze hound, beer geek or closet drinker you can’t deny the importance to alcoholphiles the world over of St. Patrick’s Day. What began as a simple little Catholic holiday having something to do with a saint name Patrick and snakes has turned into a world-wide bacchanalia dedicated to inebriation and general craic. The Irishness aside, why can’t every day be St. Patrick’s Day?

So for the next few weeks leading up to the big day I’ll be talking about the holiday right George Killian's Irish Red t-shirthere at the Boozin’ Blog. Today I’m concerned with one George Killian Lett and the beer that bears his name.

First you may be surprised – I know I was – to learn that George is a real man and the beer now brewed by Coors in the US and Heineken in France is based, albeit loosely, on the ale brewed at Mill Park Brewery in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland.

The regional brewery was owned by George’s family’s company G. H. Lett & Company, LTD. The wholesaler and distributor is still in business but the brewery, which opened in 1864, stopped brewing in 1956. One of its best-loved beers was Enniscorthy Ruby Ale. The brand was licensed to Coors in 1981 where it became the now familiar George Killian’s Irish Red of today.

But what’s this nonsense about lifting a pint with George? Mr. Killian isn’t doing a world-wide tour of beer drinking.  (Although it strikes me that that’s not a bad idea.  I should talk to the execs at Boozin’ Gear about sponsoring a trip for me!) No, he’s appearing on the television machine on St. Paddy Day’s evening where he’ll be toasting US drinkers. Here are all the details you could possibly need in a press release from Coors:

Enniscorthy, Ireland (February 202008) – On Monday, March 17, fifth generation legendary Irish brewer George Killian Lett will toast adult Americans in honor of St. Patrick’s Day from Enniscorthy, Ireland, the birthplace of the George Killian’s legend. St. Patrick’s Day began in Ireland in the fifth century as a religious holiday to honor St. Patrick, but these days it’s a holiday celebrated everywhere, especially in the U.S. Airing on ESPN at 8:07 p.m. EST, the toast will give American beer drinkers the opportunity to add some Irish authenticity to their St. Patrick’s Day experience.

“It gives everyone in Enniscorthy great pride to see our city’s name on every bottle of George Killian’s Irish Red,” said George Killian Lett. “My toast on St. Patrick’s Day is my opportunity to say thank you for keeping the spirit of our family’s recipe alive.”

In addition to toasting America, George will also share his favorite tips for raising a pint which include:

  • Master the perfect pour every time. To achieve optimal head, tilt the chilled glass at a 75 degree angle and pour the beer slowly
  • Appreciate the color. Before taking a first sip, hold the beer up to the light to enjoy the color. George Killian’s Irish Red has a rich, all-natural ruby color that comes from its slow-roasted caramelized malts
  • Breathe in the aroma. As with wine, beer has taste notes that can be detected by inhaling its scent. George Killian’s is brewed with slow-roasted caramelized malts, which gives the beer its natural red color, and can be appreciated before even taking a sip
  • Savor the first sip. In order to truly taste the full-bodied, yet smooth flavors of the slow-roasted caramelized malts, first enjoy a small sip. Be sure to hold it in the mouth and swish it around before swallowing
  • Enjoy in good company. In Ireland the pub is at the heart of every community. Good people, good music and good conversation make a perfect pint taste even better. A requisite Irish spirit and a love of quality beer doesn’t hurt either

Based on the same family recipe from 1864, George Killian’s Irish Red appeals to beer drinkers looking to break out of their ordinary routine. George Killian’s is still brewed by singing malsters using special slow-roasted caramelized malts, that naturally deliver the beer’s unique red color and smooth bold taste. The George Killian’s Irish Red malsters sing to the malt before it goes into the kiln to encourage the barley as it’s a living organism and the singing brings out its goodness.

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