The Year in Beer

I’ve mentioned booze-tourism before on this blog. There are some great alcohol capitals across the world. Wine is probably the best known with well-known destinations in Italy, France and California. Whiskey also brings tourist dollars to Ireland, Scotland, and Kentucky.

But where do beer tourists go?


Beer is brewed on every continent and almost every country. The breadth and variety of beer across the world means that there’s almost nowhere one can go without discovering a new beer experience. One couple in California is launching a project that will prove this.

The Year in Beer is the creation of Chris and Meredith Canham-Nelson. Chris runs a beer travel site called and, while he and Meredith have already traveled extensively in search of the perfect pint, The Year in Beer is still an ambitious idea. They plan to attend or visit one beer festival or destination per month over the next year. The project will be chronicled on their own BeerGeekTV which can be found at

Their first stop will be the Great Alaska Beer and Barleywine Festival in Anchorage this weekend. With stops in Belgium, Ireland, Germany, England, and some great beer cities in the US it should be a great year! Be sure to check out BeerGeekTV for video updates of their adventures.

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  1. Merideth Canham-Nelson January 27, 2008 at 2:57 pm - Reply

    Thanks for including us on your blog! Check out for our itinerary and if we’re coming to your town let us know! We’ll buy you a pint!

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