at the World Series of Beer Pong III

Well, the time has come and gone yet again. was well represented at the World Series of Beer Pong III held at South Point Casino in Las Vegas, NV this year with two teams, and a wealth of supporting friends and fans. It was another great year for the sport, and if this event was any indication, there will be bigger and better things to come.

For those of you not familiar, the World Series of Beer Pong (or WSOBP for short) is run by and this is the third year of its existence. This year, the event has grown to about 300 teams of two, vying for a chance at the $50,000 grand prize. No, that was not a typo, $50,000 – every time I try to explain this to someone they reply with a look of disbelief for some reason. This year’s event was even sponsored by national beer brand Pabst Blue Ribbon.

It was a rough showing this year in terms of our beer pong performance, but, the fun was well worth the effort. The first two days of the event were preliminary rounds that consisted of 6 games per day. Coming into the event, our strategy was to get our drink on before the games began (at 10am). History has taught us that we performed best after a “few” drinks, so before we even headed into the convention area we went to town with some shots of Patron. Despite our Patron enhanced performance, the competition proved too fierce as we managed to muster only a sub .500 performance. While losing isn’t exactly what I call fun, we did manage to have a great time hanging out with the other competitors, both during the event and afterwards, where the South Point Casino Hotel turned into a world of underground, high stakes, full contact beer pong games – not really, but we had a great time visiting our new friends scattered throughout the hotel. By the end of day two, we had met a lot of great people, both personally and professionally, and had a great time to boot. Everyone there was friendly, the event was well run (kudos guys), and despite the fierce competitiveness the people were all there to have a good time playing their favorite pastime.


We’ll of course be preparing for the WSOBP IV all year, so come next year, expect more competitive teams. But I would like to take a minute and give some props to some of the other businesses that we met and were represented at the WSOBP.

Duncan and Billy – they organize the entire WSOBP
Chase and Jared – who make some killer keg bar stools
Dan – Red Eye Management: which also organizes a June Jamaican beer pong tournament.
Tom – Bing Bong: with Bing Bong collapsible beer pong tables.
Reed – Tight Rack: Bar in Vegas that helps organize the tournament as well as their own local games.

Can’t wait til next year!

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