Avoid the New Year’s Day-after Misery – 6 Tips for Preventing a Hangover

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year. While the good times are flowing here are a few tips to avoid a miserable New Year’s day after.

  1. Don’t Drink. Duh! Let’s move on to some more practical advice.
  2. Eat. I’ve never bought into the theory that having food on your stomach “absorbs” some of the alcohol. What the hell does that mean, anyway? Alcohol is a chemical and whether it’s marinated into some mashed potatoes or not your body is still going to have to deal with it anyway, right? But eating before and while you drink does work. I believe that it has to do with how full you feel. If you’re hungry you want to put stuff inside you. If you’re full you’re less likely to want to put more stuff in you. But that might be as much hooey as the absorption theory. For whatever reason eating works. So before you go out tonight have a full meal and work those hors d’oeuvres while you’re at the party.
  3. Alternate drinks. I don’t mean beer then wine then a long island iced tea. I mean alcoholic, nonalcoholic, alcoholic, nonalcoholic. Drinking alcohol actually dehydrates the body and this is a great deal of the misery of being hung-over.
  4. “Beer before liquor; never sicker. Liquor before beer; never fear.” Again, I have no idea why this is true but I can say from personal experience it is. If you plan to pound down a few shots then do that first. Then you can coast out the rest of the night by nursing a beer or sipping some wine with a nice buzz.
  5. Try a dietary supplement. I don’t have any personal experience with those anti-hangover pills but I know some people who swear by them. The good folks at The Beer Belly sent some Cheerz to me when they sent one of their bellies for a review on my beer.about.com site. I plan on trying them tonight.
  6. Don’t go to sleep drunk. If the room’s spinning when you finally get to bed that’s a pretty good sign that you’re going to feel it tomorrow. Try to stay awake for at least an hour after your last drink to give your body time to metabolize it.

Here’s wishing you a safe and happy one. If you do party tonight take it easy, have a designated driver if you’re driving, and have fun.

Happy New Year!

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