Countdown to Christmas – Beer Pong

For our second installment of the Countdown to Christmas let’s consider beer pong.

Chances are there’s someone you know and love that fancies him or herself a beer pong aficionado. You don’t understand it; you’ve tried but you just don’t get it. You don’t have to. It’s the time of year where you don’t question things like this. You just want to make your loved ones happy.

Beer Pong tableDoing that is simple. Get them beer pong equipment. Even better, get them officially branded beer pong equipment. Right here at Boozin’Gear you can pick up a regulation beer pong table with free shipping.

If they already have a table or you’re just looking for something else click over to where you can grab anything from an official beer pong patch to a floating beer pong table. (It floats on water, not air!)

Or the ultimate gift for your beer pong lover – A trip to Las Vegas this January for the World Series of Beer Pong. There’s still time to sign up to compete but the deadline is December third.

Merry Christmas and may all your balls find a cup!

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