Beer Stealing Trend

Twice now beer has been stolen recently using the same audacious method. The first time was back in September in Canada then it happened again this week in Dublin, at the Guinness brewery no less!

Here’s how the thieves are doing it. They get the truck part of a tractor trailer rig. They drive onto the dock of a brewer, hook up to a full trailer and leave. No, it’s not any more complicated than that. It’s kind of like walking into the local convenience store, picking up a case of beer and walking out with it. Except that they are taking a few thousand cases of beer.

Now, as impressive as these heists are they leave me with a burning question. What’s next? Granted, if I put my mind to it I could probably drink a trailer’s worth of beer in a year or so but I doubt that is the plan in these cases. Can you imagine trying to store that much beer?

So what, then? Do these beer thieves have a buyer lined up? What can you do with that much hot beer? Who would buy it? I guess I just don’t have criminal mind.

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