Bending Elbows With Hillary, Ruddy, and the Rest

As a service to our readers in the early primary states we here at the Boozin’ Blog thought that we would help you prepare in case you find yourself sitting in a bar next to one of the presidential hopefuls over the next couple of months. So we sent our crack team of research analysts and mixologists out into the field to learn what, exactly, are the candidates’ favorite drinks. The results were a little surprising but we decided to publish them nevertheless.

So here, presented in alphabetical order so as to not express any bias, are the 2008 presidential candidates’ favorite drinks.

Joe Biden – chopped raw meat in a goblet

Hillary Clinton – Red Bull in a blue cup

Christopher Dodd – nonalcoholic white wine

John Edwards – Dom Perignon from a Thermos cap cup

Rudolph Giuliani – The Ruddy Sour-9 parts bourbon, 1 part lemon juice, 1 part lime juice

Mike Gravel – Pickle Juice

Mike Huckabee – Weight Watchers shake, chocolate

Duncan Hunter – tequila but call it bourbon

Dennis Kucinich – green tea with soy milk creamer

John McCain – beer, no whiskey, no wine…um, what are you having?

Barack Obama – black & tan

Ron Paul – rain water, the only drink that comes without a tax

Bill Richardson – Corona, no lime

Mitt Romney – iced tea with nips of gin added when no one’s looking

Tom Tancredo – Makers Mark

Fred Thompson – martinis and lots of ‘em provided he doesn’t have to do the mixin’

Cheers and God Bless America!

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