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I just noticed that today is November 25, exactly one month before Christmas. Stumped about what to get your favorite beer lover or booze hound? Well, of course the top of our list here at is reserved for branded beer gear. But if you’re looking for something else watch this blog over the next few weeks for our recommendations for the perfect gift.

Today let’s look at beer magazines, shall we? The spectrum of these publications ranges from those written to the total beer geek who worries about barley terroir and IBUs (If you don’t already know what those things are then you probably don’t want to.) to the T&A/guzzler mentality. Don’t get me wrong, both are legitimate reasons for beer and beer culture to exist; I’m just saying that’s the best way to view these magazines.

So, here is a look at some of the choices out there.

5. Beer. This new comer to the beer mag scene has the surprising title of Beer. Surprising, that is, because a magazine called Beer didn’t already exist. This slick mag has all the class of a Girls Gone Wild infomercial and almost exactly the same about of T&A. Looking for a print version of seeing the world through a pair of beer goggles? This is your magazine.

4. Zymurgy. Homebrewers delight in this publication from the American Homebrewers Association. This is a super geeky examination of how beer is made and how to make your own. Only get this one if you are already immersed in homebrewing and prepared to commit many more hours to the hobby.

3. Draft. Beer’s (the magazine) more responsible older brother, Draft is a bit more of a thoughtful look at the beer culture. It doesn’t dwell on the finer points of beer but it does give an entertaining overview of beer and beer drinking.

2. BeerAdvocate. is far and away the most successful website devoted to beer. The print magazine was started just over a year ago and has maintained the standards of the site. The geek meter is still set pretty high for this one but beer lovers of all stripes can usually find something interesting inside its covers.

1. All About Beer. Our number one beer magazine pick manages to strike just the right balance between the two extremes of the beer magazine spectrum. The articles are always interesting without getting too geeky as well as entertaining without being bawdy or adolescent.

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    interesting, thanks, didn’t know there was so much info out there about beer

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