Hangover Cures

National Bourbon Heritage Month is drawing to a close. How do you feel? If you took the month long celebration a little too seriously perhaps you could use some hangover remedies.

There are lots of cures that seem to employ varying degrees of practicality. Sleep it off. Drink lots of water. Sweat it off with a workout or steam. Replace the nutrients with vegetable or fruit juice. Hair of the dog. Bloody Mary which combines the two previous remedies. Coffee. Pepto. Aspirin.

But other more folksy remedies are so much more fun to consider and many are surprisingly effective. A lot come from the idea that fatty foods will help. For example, the ancient Greeks used to eat sheep’s lungs and the Romans swore by fried canaries. Mmmm.

Here are a few other particularly interesting hangover cures.

In Poland pickle juice is recommended.

Take charcoal tablets while you’re drinking.

Eat raw persimmons.

Pull your hair.

Eat cold pizza.

Drink sauerkraut juice.

In my experience there really is no cure for a hangover. Just ride it out and don’t drink so much next time!

What’s your favorite cure?

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  1. Kelly Wright December 17, 2008 at 1:33 am - Reply

    In my opinion hangover remedies are effective only when not too much alcohol is drunk. Also, it’s very important to stick to one type of drink, without mixing them. Cooler and others sugar-based drinks, especially fizzy, are an absolute evil to human organism.

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