Gin – A Retraction

A few months ago on this very blog I declared gin to be “stodgy as shuffle-board.” Well, it looks like I may have to issue an apology to gin.

With a 1.1% increase in sales, the first increase in 6 years, gin may be on its way back. According to “Gin Is the New Vodka,” an ironically named article when you consider that a big contributor of gin’s decline was vodka replacing it in the martini, bartenders are driving a return to gin. In a mix of classic drinks made with gin and new gins that include flavoring agents such as grape vine flowers and sarsaparilla and orange-peel, drinkers are rediscovering gin.

So, will gin be sexy again? It’s hard to say. As I’ve said before, the liquor market is fickle and it’s hard to say what will catch and what won’t. It will take quite a lot for gin to dethrone vodka. But you never know. Perhaps those pioneering mixology-minded bartenders will create a revolution.

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