Get That Stuff Out Of My Booze!

Recently I attended a beer festival in St. Louis.  The first two beers poured for me each had a hair in them.  The first time it happened I thought that it was an honest mistake.  The second time I worried that a disturbing pattern was developing.  But after that all of my beers were free of any visible additives so, statistically speaking (unlimited free beer so your guess is as good as mine) the ratio of hairy beers to shorn beers was favorable.

But that’s not to say that the brewers and distillers aren’t adding something before bartenders even have a change to shed into the glass.  Check out Stampede Beer. They actually add vitamins to their beer. The idea here is that drinking leeches certain vitamins from the body – presumably this is what causes hang-overs – and this beer kindly replaces them. I thought that that’s what the celery served with wings was for.

But I think I’d rather have a vitamin infused beer than a vodka energy drink. That’s what the good folks at Shotpak will soon be bring us. The details are a little sketchy but this appears to be about the same thing as pouring a couple of shots into a can of Red Bull.

I’ve never been a fan of having extra stuff shoved into my drink. I get irritated when the bartender crams a lemon or lime into my drink just because I happened to order a wheat or Mexican beer. If I’d wanted the damn citrus, I’d have asked for it! The first thing that I want in a drink is enjoyable taste and if you have to add something to it to make it palatable I’m not interested.

But what about extra vitamins or a blast of artificial energy? On their own, these added components would probably not add any flavor.  I doubt that the vodka energy drink will have a flavor likely to make Russian expats long for home.  In the case of the vitamined beer, besides the implication that beer on it’s own is irrevocably unhealthy, if you’re looking to beer for your vitamin intake then there are probably quite a few things about your life that need to be re-examined.

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