Booze and the Beach

Vacation season is upon us. And what goes better with a few lazy days spent on the beach than a bottle of your favorite booze.

Not so fast, buster, if taking a cruise is your idea of the perfect vacation. Many cruise lines are putting tough restrictions on what sort of alcoholic products that they’ll allow on their ships. There is almost an industry wide ban on all that great duty-free rum that you like to pick up on the various islands. In most cases they will confiscate it when you board the ship and return it to you when the trip is over.

Stinks, right? Well, they have to make some money after selling off all their cabins as cheaply as possible so they can sail with a full ship. Booze sales on board are an important part of their revenue. So what about your cruise line? Best to call ahead and nail down the rules before embarking. You can also check out this article which gives a brief run-down of the rules.

So what do you do with that bottle of duty-free once the cruise is over and you’re ready to fly home? The new terrorist prevention rules restrict any liquids in carry-on bags so you’re going to have to check that bottle. If you’ve got more than one there’s always the chance that they might whack together and leave your clothes and luggage soaked in rum. Well, the Tortuga Rum Company has developed the Liquor Travel Safety Pack designed to protect liter bottles in checked luggage. It should protect those precious bottles as Tortuga tested their produce by stuffing three bottles into a canvas bag and dropping it twenty feet without damage.

Most importantly, though, before your trip check out the selection of sandals and swimwear over at For me it’s going to have to be the Guinness board shorts and Guinness Shamrock Flip-Flops.

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