The Enduring Mystique of Tequila

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Have you ever noticed that the fickle designation of “hip” never seems to slip from tequila? In the world of booze different types of alcohol rise and fall on the cool-o-meter. Gin, once the hippest drink around, is now as stodgy as shuffle-board. It is so out of fashioned that when martinis enjoyed a revival a few years ago it was only if they were made with vodka instead of gin.

And the same cyclical truth applies the currently chicer-than-thou vodka as well as cognac, scotch, bourbon, etc. But tequila remains perpetually cool. Why is that? Well it’s hard to say. It could be the ritual of salt, shot, lime – three simple steps that are easy to remember no matter how many times you repeat them.

But tequila may have finally met its match. It’s becoming ultra chic, something that it’s never really been before. There’s always been cheap tequila and better tequila but now that it’s slipped into the upper strata of super expensive booze where there’s always a danger of a lash back.

Chic or not, the big T will always have a place in my home bar. Nothing else even comes close to the fresh, green flavor of 100% agave tequila. I know that might sound like I’m embracing the hip image but a decent 100% doesn’t cost more than a good bottle of scotch or bourbon as long as you’re paying for quality and not image. Cheaper tequila cut with inferior types of booze is good for a party but I always go with the good stuff for sipping and enjoying.

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