Vodka and What?!?

I was searching for booze news over at Google and I came across this tantilyzing headline: Kosher conference decides fate of shrimp, vodka.  Who knew that vodka isn’t kosher?

But that that’s not necessarily the problem here.  A rabbi spoke at the conference and uncovered his recent findings that certain alcohol manufactures are using horse milk.  Now I’d have to go along with him on this one, kosher or not it just seems wrong.

Of course cows milk shows up fairly regularly in cocktails and every so often a beer appears on the scene that’s made from milk such as Japan’s Bilk. But horse milk? How do you even… no I don’t want to think about it!

Turns out, though, that horse milk and alcohol not really that unusual, at least not in Mongolia. A booze is made there from fermented horse’s milk. It’s called airag and has been described as “fizzy sour milk with a kick.” Mmmm! Airig mixed with vodka is called arkhi.

Nevertheless, if there were a bottle of airag placed in front of me I’d have to at least try  a taste. It could be that I’ve really been missing out on something special.

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