The True Story of the Two Xs

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This isn’t about a couple of girlfriends or wives that I’ve left in my wake. No, it’s an unraveling of a mystery that has likely occurred to more than one fan of Mexican beer. Why Dos Equis (two Xs)? I myself have wondered this many times between mouthfuls of chips and salsa washed down by the sweet amber brew at my local Mexican watering hole.

What do Xs typically symbolize? Well, I must admit that when I see more than one X I think pornography. Can’t help it and I won’t apologize for it. It just pops into my head – x-rated and all of that. But there’s nothing pornographic about this popular Mexican beer, is there? I’d call the citrus that bartenders insist on shoving into the neck of the bottle every time I order one obscene but not pornographic. But that’s not likely the connection.

So what else could it be?

Does it have something to do with chromosomes? You know that whole XX/XY gender determination thing?
How about algebra? Is this finally the way that I will use high school math in the real world just like my teachers promised?
What about Roman numerals? Bingo!

According to the Dos Equis website, the two Xs originally showed up on the label of a beer called Siglo XX which translates into Twentieth Century. Back then they were partying like it was 1899 and this beer was brewed to celebrate the coming of the new century. It was a hit. After the calendar turned over they kept the beer and just changed the name to Dos Equis.

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