I know it’s been a while, but we just had to write about the World Series of Beer Pong from back in January.This was the Second Annual World Series of Beer Pong, held in Mesquite Nevada (60 miles north of Las Vegas) was held on January 1-5 2007 to spark off the new year! But what kind of beer pong tournament would this be without some representation? So, one of the co-founders along with a beer pong rookie decided to join the ranks with the worlds best beer pong players for a $20,000 grand prize. What can I say, we just can’t resist an invitation to get our balls wet.

The tournament consisted of 245 teams of two participating in three days of WSOBP play. The first two days consisted of preliminary rounds where teams would then be broken out into a bracket style tournament for day three. The rules of the game (pdf) allowed for distractions behind the table, which in some cases many of the teams’ outfit alone warranted a distraction to opposing players (one of the teams in particular was wearing nothing but diapers). But all in all, the skills ranged from mediocre, to professional, with some out there just to enjoy the event and have fun, and others out there to destroy the competition. As the days of the tournament progressed, the accuracy of many of the teams seemed to slide downhill, probably an indication that the day upon day of drinking had started to wear on many of the players.

In the end, team finished in a respectable 109th place, not bad for a team consisting of one team member with only one month of playing under his belt. Overall the tournement was a great experience, highly recommended and not too bad on the wallet (even if you don’t have a corporate sponsor like If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, look for some local bar sponsored beer pong tournaments, with some even being setup as satellite rounds with free entry into the WSOBP III. There’s another tournament run in June by BingBong tables at Negril, Jamaica as well. And by the way, we highly recommend their beer pong tables, they’re light, portable, and officially sized – the same tables used in the WSOBP so they’re exactly what you’ll need to perfect your skills for the next tournament.

See if you have what it takes when you play the best in the world. Be weary though, will be there again in ’08, this time with some experience under their belt and both co-founders representin’ our skills.

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  1. beer pong tables May 13, 2007 at 1:26 pm - Reply

    I’ll see yas at the world series of beer pong 3 in philly!!!

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