About Boozin' Gear, Inc.

Our Story

"I found myself asking 'Where can I buy different brands all in one spot?"
Geek by day, bartender by night. Working my IT day job and tending bar at night I found myself looking to wear some of the same branded gear as the brands I poured for customers. I quickly became frustrated with the lack of quality options for buying licensed beer and liquor brand T-shirts, Hats and other clothing to wear while serving up these libations. There wasn't a single location where could i find all the brands i wanted in one spot.
-Kevin, Co-founder & Gotta-Get-More-Customers Guy
"We didn't set out to conquer the world, but from the beginning it was clear we wanted to offer the best selection of licensed beer and liquor products"
Working for a big beer brand (ok, let's call it the biggest beer brand) distributor we frequently had people ask us for merchandising displays and gear often seen in convenience stores. And when Kevin called and ask about buying different brands all in one spot, the idea kinda took on a life of it's own.
- Jeff, Co-founder & Chief Gotta-Get-The-Boxes-Out-The-Door-Guy
121,251 Happy Customers Served Since 2004
Launched in Atlanta, GA in 2004, brothers Jeff and Kevin found a lot of people like them wanted a wider selection of beer and liquor branded apparel and gear, in one convenient online store, sold by people who actually give a sh#*t about customer service and the drinks we carry. We're the only retailer that specializes solely on beer and liquor brands, and we intend to keep it that way.

Social Responsiblity

We believe in having fun. Lots of it. And we hope you do too, but we believe it should never come at the price of being irresponsible. Boozin' Gear supports Atlanta's SafeRide America program through annual donations and encourage you to support SafeRide America in your community. (Or, at least call (and pay) for a cab so that super drunk guy at the end of the bar doesn't kill anybody).

Media/Bloggers/PR Contacts

We're all about shameless self promotion. We're always seeking to help media contact find good things to say about us, help bloggers give their audience something interesting to ready, drum up content for our own blog or just enjoy our obligatory 15 minutes of fame.


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  • Free (yet highly publicized!) product give-a-ways/contest for your readers.
  • Products to review for your site or publication
  • to be contacted with very entertaining and frequently humorous story ideas for your readers
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  • to have your related story submitted to our blog
  • to participate in your charity (The answer is probably "No", but if you have a worthy cause and there is the opportunity for some exposure we'll consider your request.)*
*(Yes, we know this sounds very self-serving. As individuals, we selflessly contribute to causes we care about. As a business, we favor causes that help our exposure in the marketplace).


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Why Boozin' Gear

  • Best Order Fulfilment. 98% of all orders are ready to ship within 24 hours of your order. (Beat That!)
  • More Brands, More Products Than the Other Guys. (Go Ahead! Count 'em!)
  • Best Returns Policy in the Biz. See our Fits Right Guarantee (Doesn't Fit? Send it back!)
  • 121,251 Happy Customers Served Since 2004 (you'll make it 121,252!)

What People Are Saying

  • "I really appreciate your extra effort in getting this Budweiser shirt shipped the same day ... so late in the day... it had to be there for Father's day or else i'd be worthy of a line from "Sh*t my dad says". - Sam A., Boston, MA.
  • "Wow! U were right! I was he hit of the bash with my german beer maiden beer costume! Next year? Frisky Fraulein!" - Jackie D., Tempe, AZ
  • "Thanks for the lounge pants recommendation for a valentine gift idea. She wore them for 5 min. :). 2nd best valentines day gift ever!" - James B., Louisville, KY
  • "It didn't fit. I hate that. But thanks for the make good on shipping, refund and return. I'll be back." - Jose C., Ft. Worth, TX.